Friday, September 10, 2010

Hostel Situation

So we arrived in Munich today and saw a few more buildings along the way. This also makes the second hostel in a row we have stayed at.


The hostel in Nuremberg was in a large, converted stone castle. This was in a smaller section of the city, located behind walls that connect to the heavier traffic areas of the city. The major issue with this spot had to be the huge hill we were forced to climb up after every day to travel throughout the city. Most of the stores and places to eat were also at the bottom which made going out difficult. The hostel itself was not that bad, mainly because I was finally able to get some sleep, something that had been lacking in Berlin. Our room only had three people and no bunk beds, which is always a plus. The bathrooms however were shared and the showers required a button to be pressed about every twenty seconds to keep the water running. I also had the luck of taking a shower every time a large German kid was in there, which led to some nightmares. The rules are also a little different than hotels, with doors locking at one o'clock in the morning and checking out of your rooms by ten for cleaning gave some people problems.The dinner and breakfast were provided and were actually pretty good. This was also the first place to have a fresh water readily available and free, something thats hard to find here. It's usually the same price as a coke and most of the time, carbonated. I made my first mistake today of buying a large bottle of water only to find out it was gassed, a real disheartening feeling. Overall, this was a good experience and nice quiet place to live.

The hostel here in Munich does not look as promising. I'm not really sure what I had for dinner, but it was extremely heavy. I'm also back to sleeping on top of a bunk bed, not a good experience for someone with ,my height. We do have a bathroom in our room, but it's extremely small with four guys sharing it. We also have a rowdy bunch of Germans living next door that keep the door open. It's a much different culture, very open and pushy at times. I guess time will tell as we are here for another three days.

The whole Nuremberg experience will be updated later, with stories of architecture and vampires but for right now its time to live the Munich lifestyle. This is one of the biggest cities in Europe and we have a busy schedule ahead of us.

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